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The David Diego Ladowski Memorial Foundation was created to honor the memory of David Diego Ladowski and to continue his legacy.

This extraordinary young man was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1992. All by himself, he achieved what not many people can in a short period of time. He was a special human being always caring for others. A humanist, pacifist with strong convictions but also very humble.

On July 31, 2002, while he was at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem delivering his last papers to complete his Masters Degree in Public Policy and getting ready to assume his position as Vice-Consul at the Embassy of Lima, Peru in about a week, a bomb planted at the cafeteria killed him along with other 5 Americans and 3 Israelis and wounding 84 people.

Since then, the University of Jerusalem gives an annual award in David's honor that consists in merit scholarships. The award is given to gifted and talented young students, committed to a lifetime of public service and working for world peace and excellence. This award was established by the President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem along with the rector and professors at the initiative of the Ladowski family.

The David Diego Ladowski Memorial Foundation provides financial help for students at the School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

We believe that the best way to face the challenge and continue his work is turning this bad situation into something good. Remembering him for all the good he's done and he was going to do for this world.

Enclosed, there are some articles published about him and speeches that describe more of this incredible and talented man's life.

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Rose and Paul Feher

In Memorium

The Feher Institute for Public Policy of the Hebrew University was founded by the Feher foundation and bears the name of Rose and Paul Feher (of blessed memory) of Paris, France.

Rose and Paul inaugurated the Institute on the 27th of May, 1996 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Institute is the fruit of the enterprising mind of the late lawyer Paul Feher (1924-1999) who yearned to build a program for Public Policy in Israel. He wanted the Institute to be at the same standards of similar prestigious schools around the world.

The schools primary objectives, as defined by the donor, are to train professional leadership for the Israeli public sector and to help improve the quality of governance in Israel.

The Feher family was generous donor to State of Israel with immeasurable love for Israel and after their death, they left their own seal of contribution in various sectors of Israeli society.