The School of Public Policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem seeks to develop the new generation of professional civil servant that will provide the state of Israel – and the Israeli society – with stability and growth. The viability of Israeli society, its economic future and democratic character are inextricably tied to the calibre of professionals at the helm of its civil service. Well-grounded and highly cultivated professionals in the public sector will help to ensure Israel's strong democratic foundation, its military and strategic prowess and its economic ingenuity. The School of Public Policy seeks to attract the best and the brightest to its unique small program in order to educate the future leadership of Israel.

On December 20th 2006 the School was formally named the Federmann School of Public Policy & Government in memory of Mr. Yekutiel (Xiel) Federmann and his brother Samuel (Samo) Federmann, in recognition of their family's long standing support of the Hebrew University.