Master Thesis

The Impact of Reducing the Price of Giving on the Extent of Fundraising by Non Profit Organizations in Israel

Hanan Yonah

Advisor: Dr Momi Dahan

Abstract I Thesis

A Formal Model of Social Blame

Lior Sheffer

Advisor: Dr Raanan Sulitzianu Kenan

Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association

Abstract I Thesis

Regulation in an Era of Global Governance - Israel's Chemicals Regulatory Regime Following the Accession to OECD

Rita Golstein-Galperin

Advisor: Prof. David Levy Faur

Abstract I Thesis

The Strength of Institutions & Ideas: Immigrant Access to Public Health Insurance

Mara Sheftel

Advisor: Prof. Johnny Gal

Abstract I Thesis

Communities Growing Gardens, Gardens Growing Communities: Can community Gardening Enhance Social Capital in Low Socio-Economic Neighborhoods in Jerusalem?

Yannai Kranzler

Advisors: Dr Raanan Sulitzianu Kenan & Dr. Efrat Eizenberg

Abstract I Thesis

Are Educational Systems Converging or Diverging? A Cross-Country Empirical Test of Theories on Primary Education Official Curricula

Ruthy Waitzberg

Advisors: Dr. Julia Resnik & Dr. Gad Yair

Abstract I Thesis

Regulating for welfare

Hanan Haber

Advisor: Prof. David Levy Faur
Published in Law & Policy 2010

Abstract I Thesis I Article I Prizes

Why Membership? Interest Group Associations as Policy Entrepeneurs In Israel

Jennifer Oser

Advisor: Prof. Itzhak Gal-Nor

Published in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 39 (3):429-459

Abstract I Thesis I Article

Do economic policymakers practice what they preach? The case of pension decisions

Moshe Shalem

Advisors: Dr. Momi Dahan & Dr. Tehila Kogut

Appeared also as a working paper in CESifo Working Paper

Abstract | Thesis I Working Paper

Socio-economic Bias in Political Participation

Avishai Afriat

Advisor: Dr Momi Dahan

Published: Israel Economic Review, 2010, Vol. 8(1), 1-20

Abstract I Thesis I Article

Exit, Voice, and Do-it-yourself: Parents putting facts on ground

Esti Hoss

Advisor: Dr Anat Gofen

Presented at the 5th European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference, 2009

Abstract I Thesis

Paradoxical Effects of the Disclosure of Conflict of Interest on the Selection of a Pension Plan

Nirit Gadsi

Advisors: Prof. Joseph Zeira & Prof. Avia Spivak

Appeared also as a working paper in Social Science Research Network

Abstract I Thesis I Article

Identity between cultures: towards an effective integration policy.

Eliakim Kislev

Advisors: Dr Gayil Talshir & Prof. Gabriel Horenczyk

Journal Intercultural Education 4 [forthcoming]

Abstract I Thesis I Article

Does peace with your enemy affects trade with your friends?

The Effects of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Israeli Exports to the EU

Adrian Filut

Advisor: Prof. Alfred Tovias

Abstract I Thesis

Can Perceptions of Similarity Reduce the Ability to See the Other's Needs? The Case of Immigrant Students Integration Policy

Ilana Shpaizman

Advisors: Dr Tehila Kogut & Dr Rita Sebah

Published in Social Psycholo. Edu. (2010) 13:425-440

Abstract I Thesis I Article

Money Time - When Alternative Theory Meets Practice: How Non Governmental Idealist Professionals Exercise Participatory Urban Planning and what can we learn about participatory planning theory?

Alma Perez (Gadot)

Advisor: Dr Galit Cohen Blankstein

Presented at the Canadian Political Science Association's Annual conference 2007,Saskatoon, Canada & UCLouvain

Abstract I Thesis I Article