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Fiscal Policy in Israel: Cyclicality of government expenditures
Author:  Adam Veprinsky Mehl- cohort 13
Advisor:  Prof. Michel Strawczynski
Submitted:  17/10/2016

Terrorism and Life Satisfaction:The Case of the Religious and Secular Population in Israel
Author:  Shira Guedalia-Ephrat - Cohort 13
Advisor:  Prof. Claude Berrebi
Submitted:  15/12/2016

Preferences for Redistribution –A Model for Former Soviet Union Immigrants in Israel
Author:  Ilana Stein - 13th cohort
Advisor:  Prof. Momi Dahan
Submitted:  15/12/2016

Sharing Inspired: An exploration of "gemachs" as mechanisms of the sharing economy in ultra-Orthodox Israeli society
Author:  Danielle Zaychik -12th cohort
Advisor:  Dr. Galit Cohen Blankshtain, Dr. Dan Kaofman
Submitted:  15/06/2016

Calculating States' Regulatory Budgets: Methodology and an Application to the 2014 Israeli Budget
Author:  Aviad Nevo - 6th cohort
Advisor:  Prof. David Levi Faur
Submitted:  31/12/2015

Childcare Strategies for Children Aged 0-5, in Russia
Author:  Rozanna Almog - 12th cohort
Advisor:  Dr. Liat Raz-Yurovich
Submitted:  06/10/2015

If a Protest Falls in the Forest: Facebook Protests and the Public Sphere in the Context of Attention Scarcity
Author:  Ariel Bercovich- 10th cohort
Advisor:  Prof. Paul Frosh
Submitted:  10/10/2014

Pessimism: Expolring a New Indicator for Forecasting Terrorism
Author:  Kenneth Wainwright
Advisor:  Claude Berrebi
Submitted:  31/12/2014

Coping with Hinsight Bias in the Field: An Analysis of Coping Measures and their Applicability for Decision Making in Social Institutions
Author:  Michal Gordon
Advisor:  Dr. Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan
Submitted:  17/08/2014

God and the Welfare-state – Substitutes or Complements
Author:  Gilad Be'ery
Advisor:  Dr. Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom
Submitted:  15/06/2014