12.06.2012 "An Overview of the latest developments in the Middle East"
Ambassador Raphael Barak - Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
24.05.2012 Ten Years to the Federmann School of Public Policy
Keynote Address: Human Nature & Public Policy: Behavioral Foundations & Policy Studies
Prof. Bryan D. Jones - Dept. of Governance, University of Texas Austin
20.03.2012 "Changes in the Orthodox/haredi Society"
MK Chaim Amsellem
17.01.2012 "Privatization of The State & Increasing Gaps"
Invitation I Conference Film

13.12.2011 Economic survey on Israel by OECD
Petter Jarett
08.11.2011 "Leadership & Change processes – the case of Yeruham"
Former MK Amram Mitzna