General Scholarships

Scholarships for PhD Students

Honors Masters who are registered as doctoral students at The School of Public Policy can apply for sustenance scholarships. Nominees will be considered according to their grades, employment, progress in research and references.

Students who show outstanding achievements may apply to the general extended scholarship of the faculty of Social Sciences.

Federmann School funding for participation in academic conferences for PhD students

The Federmann School offers funding for conference expenses (travel expenses, participation fees) for registered PhD students.

Amount: up to 1,500 NIS. Funding above that will require special approval.

Criteria: PhD students registered in the Federmann School of public policy, who will be presenting their research in a conference in Israel or abroad. Upon return from the conference, the student will complete a conference participation report. In exceptional cases, master's students will receive funding as well.

Distribution of funding: yearly

Request for funding: A request letter is required. The letter will include information about the conference, an official invitation to present in the conference and a letter of recommendation from the academic advisor. All should be submitted to Drora Barditchev, School administrator.

Scholarship for Ph.D, students in the final stages of their studies
Doctoral students in the final stages of writing their dissertation may apply for this scholarship (final 4 – 6 months).
Amount: Up to 10,000 NIS
Criteria for applying:
1. Applicants must be in the final stages of writing their dissertations, after completing their research.

2. Applicants are to have been active in the various academic venues of the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government throughout their studies. These include, for example, the doctoral forum, the school seminar, the school forum and / or study groups or other school events.
Scholarship distribution date: year round / modular

Application process: Applications are to be submitted to Drora Bardichev - administrative director of the School.

The application must include:

1. A progress report.

2. Details of research grants or scholarships received during the period of studies.

3. A final submission date for the dissertation, including a commitment by the applicant to meet this date.

4. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's advisor(s). The letter must explicitly reference the date by which the dissertation will be submitted.

Internship Grants

Excellent doctoral students who are interested in a continuing educational program in public policy, both in Israel and abroad, will submit a written application, addressed to the head of the school of public policy, CV, a short description of their thesis, a list of publications and references.

Post Doctoral Scholarships

Please consult the academic secretariat of the Hebrew University.