School Scholarships

תכנית המצטיינים

1. Faculty scholarships for students at the honours program for MA in Public Policy

The Federmann School awards scholarships for full tuition to first year students

Sum: The amount of full tuition

Requirements: To be first year students of the honors program

Time of scholarship awarding: October through September

2. University excellence scholarships for MA students

Every year, excellence awards have been distributed. The awards were given to students from different classes who reached the highest Grade Point Average in comparison to the class in which they studied.

The scholarship committee decided that starting in 2005, scholarships will be awarded to second year students only according to their GPA in the first year, given that the students finished a minimum of 25 points in that year.

Sum: 10,000 NIS

Requirements: Three students currently studying in their second year and hold the highest GPA for the first year of studies.

Time of scholarship awarding: First semester.

3. David Diego Ladowski (RIP)

The award is dependent on amounts allocated by the Ladowski family each year (no other fund money available)

Sum: modular (in accordance with money raised abroad)

Requirements: the student (or students) graduating in the previous year and are therefore eligible for an MA by 01.03 of the year in which the scholarship is awarded.

The student (or students) in their first and second year and have reached high grades (eligibility for first year students will be decided upon in accordance with GPA and amount of points acquired).

Time of scholarship awarding: May/ June (at the MA graduation ceremony)

The scholarships will be handed in a small ceremony with the presence Diego Ladowski's family.

4. Scholarship for Israeli Ethiopian Students from the Graifman Family Foundation

Amount: Full exemption from tuition for two years.

Criteria: Students of Ethiopian descent who have been accepted to any of the Federmann School's MA programs. In order to receive the exemption for the second year, the student must meet criteria for passing to the second year of the program.

Timing of Grant Giving: The beginning of each academic year.