פרופ' אילן סלומון

חבר סגל בביה"ס בין השנים 2002 - 2016


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Born: Jerusalem, 1948

Ph.D. Transportation Systems, M.I.T., 1980
           Dissertation: Salomon I., 1980, Life Style as a Factor in Explaining Travel Behavior, Doctoral Dissertation, Dept. of Civil Engineering, M.I.T. Supervisors: Profs. Moshe Ben-Akiva and Marvin Manheim. (Published as MIT-CTS: Responsive Analysis Methods Series, Vol. 11, 357 pp.)

M.S. Transportation Systems, M.I.T., 1978

B.A. Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1972

Academic Positions:

1981-present Faculty member at Hebrew University, Full Professor since 1996

1992-95 Chair, Department of Geography, Hebrew University

1986-88 Visiting Professor, Northwestern University

1989 Visiting Scholar, Tokyo University

1993-99 Researcher, University of California, Davis, Institute of Transportation Studies

1997 Visiting Professor, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Research interests:

Travel behavior analysis,

Telecommunications and transport interactions,

Life style and spatial behavior,

Social trends and spatial behavior,

Transportation and Environment,

Transportation Policy.


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פרופ' דוד קרצמר

חבר סגל בביה"ס בין השנים 2002-2005
קרא עוד


LL.B., Hebrew University, 1967; LL.M., Hebrew University, 1972; Dr.Jur., York University, Canada, 1975. Law clerk to Justice Zvi Berinson, Supreme Court of Israel, 1966; Admitted to Israel Bar, 1968. Lecturer in Law, 1975; Senior Lecturer, 1979; Associate Professor, 1985; Professor, 1991. Ben Gurion Visiting Professor of Law, University of Southern California, 1979 and 1984-85; Visiting Professor, Tulane University, 1989; Visiting Professor, Bar-Ilan University, 2001-2002; Visiting Professor, Columbia University, 2003; Visiting Fellow, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, 2005. Member, UN Human Rights Committee, 1995-2002; Vice-Chairperson of Committee, 2001-2002. Research interests: constitutional law, judicial decision-making, human rights and international humanitarian law. Books include: The Law of Nuisance (1979) (in Hebrew); The Law of Assault and Battery (1981) (in Hebrew); The Legal Status of the Arabs in Israel (Westview Press, 1990), (2nd edition, Center for Study of Arab Society in Israel, 2002) (Arabic); The Occupation of Justice: The Supreme Court of Israel and the Occupied Territories (SUNY press, 2002); The Concept of Human Dignity in Human Rights Discourse (edited together with E. Klein, Kluwer Law International, 2002). Selected articles: "Transformation of Tort Liability in the Nineteenth Century: The Visible Hand" (1984) 4 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 46; "Freedom of Speech and Racism" 8 Cardozo Law Review (1987), 445; "Judicial Review Over Demolition and Sealing of Houses in the Occupied Territories", in Klinghoffer Book on Public Law (ed. by I. Zamir, Jerusalem, 1993), 305 (Hebrew); "Les Droits de L'Homme en Israel", (1995) Pouvoirs 72, 37; "The Supreme Court and the Fourth Geneva Convention: Domestic Enforcement and Interpretation", (1995) 26 Mishpatim 49 (Hebrew); "The New Basic Laws on Human Rights: A Mini-Revolution in Israeli Constitutional Law?" (1996) 14 Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 173; "Democracy in the Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Israel" (1997) 26 Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 267; "The Path to Judicial review in Human Rights Cases: From Bergman and Kol Ha'am to Mizrahi Bank" (1997) 28 Mishpatim 359(Hebrew); "Fifty Years of Supreme Court Jurisprudence in Human Rights" (1999) 5 Mishpat Umimshal 297 (Hebrew); "The ICJ Advisory Opinion: The Light Treatment of International Humanitarian Law" (2005) 99 AJIL 88; "Targeted Killings of Suspected Terrorists: Extra-Judicial Executions or Legitimate Means of Self-Defence?" (2005) 16 EJIL 171; "Human Rights" (2005) 11 Israel Affairs 39


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